Wednesday, December 16, 2009

50 Most Beautiful Trees Photography

I love to look at art that inspires me and teaches me something about art creation. Though all of these images may not fall into the category of 'digital art', I'm guessing many have been manipulated in image editing software. More importantly, these are great examples to show students because they are absolutely captivating. I could spend an entire class period discussing what makes these photos stand out from thousands of other photos of trees, and the value of image manipulation in photography.

Take a look at 50 Most Beautiful Trees Photography.

'Either Side of the Sun' - Copyright 2009 Mike Shaw

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fascinating projection art

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.


"How it would be, if a house was dreaming"

The conception of this project consistently derives from its underlying architecture - the theoretic conception and visual pattern of the Hamburg Kunsthalle. The Basic idea of narration was to dissolve and break through the strict architecture of O. M. Ungers "Galerie der Gegenwart". Resultant permeabilty of the solid facade uncovers different interpretations of conception, geometry and aesthetics expressed through graphics and movement. A situation of reflexivity evolves - describing the constitution and spacious perception of this location by means of the building itself.


Art Direction: Daniel Rossa -

Technical Director: Thorsten Bauer

3D Operator: David Starmann

Sound Design : Jonas Wiese

Realized with mediaserver

A extended version of this documentation can be found here:

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to Aviary - Free digital art tools!

This organization, Aviary, has designed a series of web-based applications for creating just about anything, including a photo editor, effects creator, web designer, sound editor, color scheme editor, vector drawing, and screen capture. And best of all, they are all FREE to use!! Naturally, the implications for the classroom are tremendous. Over the next few weeks I will take each of the applications for a test drive and post a review on this blog.